What exactly is zero waste living?

In a nutshell, as a society, we consume millions of metric tons of single use plastics a year. A single use plastic is defined as any plastic product that is utilized for one purpose then thrown away or recycled. Some commonplace examples include shipping packaging, food wrappers, plastic utensils, etc. Although single use plastics have revolutionized fields such as medicine, sanitation, food security, and disaster relief, in our daily lives, most single use plastics serve little purpose other than convenience. 

Zero waste living is about reducing the amount of single use items in your day to day life. It's not always easy or convenient in the current marketplace, but it is possible and affordable. Remembering to bring your own water bottle or coffee mug whenever you go out or refusing items you don't actually need, like a plastic grocery bag for that one item are huge steps for the environment. Zero waste is about the simple switches that roll over into bigger decisions impacting entire communities. As you gain confidence in your zero waste lifestyle, habits like bringing a Tupperware container to a restaurant for a carry out order, or purchasing dry goods in bulk rather than in a prepackaged bag will begin to make much more sense. 


Zero waste living is not about being perfect. It's nearly impossible to eliminate every single use item in your household, but we believe in the power of numbers. The more people who chose to adapt a zero waste lifestyle, the more likely the marketplace is to offer sustainable alternatives, in turn preserving the health and wealth of oceanic ecosystems. Your choices make a difference.