Drive Away Waste is a zero waste initiative using outreach to reduce the amount of plastic that enters oceans annually. While clean up efforts are important in order to restore oceanic ecosystems, the plastic pollution crisis will continually worsen until the input of plastic is reduced dramatically. For this reason, Drive Away Waste aims to diminish plastic pollutants at their core production. Single use plastics dominate the plastics industry, and according to National Geographic, only 9% of the plastic one recycles is actually reused. The rest ends up in a landfill, or if mishandled, in the ocean. 

Plastic has already been discovered at the bottom of the Marianas trench, in the bloodstream of bottlenose dolphins, in the ice of the Arctic circle, in the tissues of commonly consumed seafood, and in nearly 40% of table salts. Not only does plastic pollution pose a severe threat to marine habitats, but it also endangers public health. 


This complex and massive epidemic facing the globe is what led to the founding of Drive Away Waste. By inspiring consumers to use less plastics, specifically those that are only used once, DAW is working to preserve the health and wealth of the planet's seas.

Determined to live more sustainably, co-founders Brady and Haley decided a minimalistic, short bus home was perfect for their journey to teach others about zero waste living. While traversing the nation in the bus, DAW aims to reach every community in the continental United States. To push the message further, they are producing a free lance documentary about plastic consumption and zero waste living along the way. 

Wander Wasteless. Purge Plastic. Drive Away Waste.

Haley Plaas

Hi there. Our names are Brady Clarke and Haley Plaas. We're just two friends who met on an adventure and bonded over a common cause: waste less and see more of the world. 

We met in the summer of 2017 while studying marine conservation science at James Cook University in northern Australia. Once we returned home to the United States, we went our separate ways. Impassioned by our time spent studying on the Great Barrier Reef, we realized the ocean was in trouble, and we wanted to do something about it together. This inspired us to co-found Drive Away Waste, an initiative aimed at reducing the harmful human impacts on our seas.


Brady is a landscape photographer--a damn good one too-- with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of New Hampshire (2019).   

Haley is a free-lance cinematographer with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Marine Science from the University of Miami (2019). She is pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science to study water quality and harmful algal blooms. She intends to integrate her two passions to produce compelling documentaries to enact environmental activism. 

As scientists with a knack for visual storytelling, we created one a mission: eliminate our societal reliance on single use plastics in order to preserve the health and wealth of our planet's oceanic ecosystems. 

Brady Clarke