Our educational workshops are structured around one central goal: empowering young adults to take action against plastic pollution. DAW leads small group lectures (20-40 students) that explore the adverse impacts of plastic pollution on the environment, going beyond the scope of the stories portrayed in the media. As practicing ocean scientists, Brady and Haley have studied the destruction of marine plastics firsthand, and believe in a social responsibility to share this knowledge with their global community.



In a DAW workshop, after an illustration the complexity of the problem, detailed explanations are provided as to how consumerism influences the aquatic world. Zero waste living is introduced as a series of economical and sustainable lifestyle alternatives that are easily accessible to most communities in the US. After the lecture, the floor is opened for innovative thinking as participants engage in a group discussion to brainstorm solutions to this global epidemic. Each workshop attendee will leave with a Zero Waste Kit to encourage them to take the first steps to a waste-less life. 

DAW exercises are strategically created to invoke critical thinking in order to solve one of the largest environmental crises facing our generation. DAW can't take on the burden of plastic pollution alone and aims to curate the next group of leaders and activists. This is why DAW is founding a "Wasteless Warrior" chapter at each school and in each community visited. The push to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption can't be limited to individuals: DAW encourages attendees to spread their ideas and DAW's message to their peers and members of their community. 

Where do we Host Workshops? 

DAW workshops are designed for more personal interactions and are primarily geared toward college campuses, high schools, and summer programs, but DAW also accepts invitations to larger events. If you are interested in having a workshop at your school, business, or other organization, please fill out the inquiry form listed on the home page under the "Invite us to Speak at Your Event!" button.