Our Voice.

Our Ocean.

It's Time for the World To Hear Our Voice.

Together We Can Change the World

What Is Our Voices on Our Ocean?

To put it simply: we are the voices of the world trying to be heard.

Ever feel like you're too small to make a difference? That youre too young to have an opinon or change the world? or that you feel like you're not able to act because of the country you are from?

Well, that's what Our Voices on Our Oceans was founded for. We are a youth movement who's trying to make the voices of the world be heard. You don't have to be a world leader, celebrity, or even an "adult" to have the right to express how you feel on the ocean. In the end,  This is your platform.


I challenge you to add you voice to our campaign and show the world that you have a voice. Show the world that you care about our oceans and that you will not sit still while our beautiful planet slowly dies. Please write, draw, or add anything else you feel in any language you speak/write in. Many choose to write in english soley because they feel like their native langauge will not have as strong of an impact, but in fact its even stronger. It shows how far reaching this movement can go. Be who you are and make the world know.


There are still plenty of voices to be heard which lead me to start the “Our Voices on Our Oceans” movement. It’s everyone’s ocean, we are connected by it regardless of your background. Whether your country is landlocked, an island nation, if you are young or old, the fate of the ocean impacts us all. I Invite you to join your voice with the rest of us and show the world that you are doing your part, and now it’s time for the world leaders to do theirs.